The Longest New York Minute

by Benjamin and Elliot Davis - Jun 2, 2018 DataSpaceOne


The only thing that moves slow in New York City is data.


In this day and age, data is everything. Most of the interactions you have with other people will simply be your data passing across their computer screen. You might not think it, but your data is essential to living in the world today. Without your data, you can’t open a bank account; you can’t travel, or buy a car, or even rent an apartment.

With New York being the most populous city in the United States with approximately 8.5 million residents, that is a whole lot of data.


With the advent of Bitcoin and blockchain technology the way we store, send, and manage data is changing, but the businesses of NYC are reluctant to change with it...

All that Glitters is not (Digital) Gold

by Elliot Davis - Aug 13, 2018 Hacker Noon


...One of the reasons behind the belief in Bitcoin is its narrative. Bitcoin has always held a positive narrative. To go back to another intro class, if you have ever sat in a freshman communications class, your professor likely said something to the tune of, “human beings need narrative.” Not only do we need narrative, we are addicted to narrative.

Narrative is what makes you binge four seasons of Game of Thrones in one night, it’s what gets politicians elected, what rallies a country behind a war, and what makes us believe in true love...

5 Times Practical Effects Brought Movie Monsters to Life


by Elliot Davis - Sep 26, 2017 Howling Wolf Productions

With our new film, TAR, in its final stages and everyone’s favorite spooky month kicking off, we thought it was time to talk monsters.

In a time of multi-million dollar VFX budgets and CGI worlds, it may feel as if filmmakers can make anything feel real with enough time and money in post-production. But this isn’t so. Audiences have a keen eye for CGI and hate to feel like they’re being lied to.

When a filmmaker chooses to make something happen in-camera, in front of their actors, they capture an indescribable feeling.


Here are five instances of profound practical effects that stand out across years of Monster Movies and Creature Features...

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