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Software: Blender, Photoshop, Premiere, Artivive

This piece, "Confinement" is currently on display at Anderson Contemporary in New York

Project: Animation - @moreblueberries


Software: Blender, Photoshop

I like making weird pieces, birthday tributes, and black and white images.

Project: 3D Stills - @moreblueberries

Role: Executive Producer/Host

The goal was to create an educational and comedic channel that focused on Blockchain and other Emerging Tech.

I had the opportunity to write, act, edit, create effects, run social media, and develop a brand for this channel.

Project: ForkU - YouTube Channel


For 2 months, I created a movie poster concept every day with some variation of the title "More Blueberries"

These are some of my favorites.

Project: Poster Design - @moreblueberries

In this series, I played with combining photography and video to create a video tear in an image that changed the meaning.

Project: Video Tears - @moreblueberries


Black and White is my favorite way to shoot photos, whether it's people, architecture, or an interesting light that catches my eye.

Photo Series: Black and White


Friends, family, and strangers across the country and around the World.

Photo Series: Portraits

Kodak 400TX, Kodak 400 Ultramax, Ekatar 100 shot with Monolta SRT101

Photo Series: 35mm Film