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You are a Scientist.

They tried to tell you to stop playing God. You replied, “Who’s playing?” and spliced in another gene. 


What is an Abomination?

A living amalgamation of various forms of flesh, machinery, and whatever you can stick it together with. Some slimy, some hairy, some are covered in eyes. Others are a knot of tongues and fingers. An Abomination is whatever you can imagine it to be, tossed in a blender and put back together.


ABOMINATIONS is a tactile, GM-less TTRPG by Elliot Davis for 2-6 players. Using a set of letter tiles and some 10-sided dice, players will create and battle one-of-a-kind monsters of their own design. 


  • An original 3-phase combat system that takes minutes to teach or learn.

  • 26 wild, wacky, and weird Genes to be combined into your unique Abomination - no two are alike!

  • 6 Doctor personas, each with a unique Ultimate Gene Ability that can turn the tides in your favor

  • A satisfyingly crunchy yet simple d10 system that uses letter tiles to modify your rolls for defense and offense

  • Original art by Elliot Davis

  • A thematic, minimal character sheet, perfectly sized for placing and moving your letter tiles as you play


Physical copies

available at:

Abom 1.png
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